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Daddy Long Legs 3.19.0
Set Snail
You've probably heard of Daddy Long Legs —the infamous walker onstilts?Take “control” of Daddy, a fabulous little creature and getready to walk in this weirdly rewarding and very funny game.However, walking on stilts is no easy task. Put one leg in front ofthe other and try not to fall. Simple and silly game, you say?Let's see how far you can go. Unlock different looks for Daddy andget ready to look fabulous.The goal of Daddy Long Legs is verysimple: walk as far as you can. But, with legs five times longerthan the rest of the body, walking is no simple feat. Tap thescreen to change leg and watch as Daddy Long Legs stumbles acrossthe screen. With each new try you will feel weirdly rewarded.Features: - Play as either Daddy or Horse - Pick up gifts andunlock fabulous new costumes - Compete with your friends - Simple,weird and challenging gameplay - Silly and cheap laughs - Globalhighscore - Daily highscore - Realistic faceplants. Daddy Long Legsis for gamers that like a hard challenge and a cheap laugh at theexpense of a silly furry creature.
illi 1.2.0
Set Snail
illi is a polished one button platformpuzzler. As the creature illi, you jump your way through a strangeworld where gravity follows you! Things you take for granted inyour world is different here. illi travels through portals andenters barren worlds where she gathers light crystals that remain.The creature illi can bend the fabrics of the world and makegravity-defying jumps. Each new unique world introduces newmechanics, traps and obstacles, which will make each world a biggerand more difficult task than the last.- Brain-melting arcade-puzzle-platformer.- Play as the fluffy, slug-goatish creature, illi.- Travel through a beautiful, surrealistic universe.- Take on 60 gravity defying levels!- Over 170 quests to be completed.From us at Set Snail, we hope you enjoy the game.
Bike Club 1.2.0
Set Snail
The ridiculous bike riding competition!Bike and shoot your waythrough the crazy tracks at Big Wheelie's. Collect cards upgradeand beat your friends.Reasons why you should join Bike Club1. Shootand bike at the same time! What's not to like?2. Upgrade andimprove your bikes, characters and guns.3. Compete against yourfriends through Facebook.4. A Funland with 3 side games, get shotout of a cannon!5. And chickens. There are chickens in the game.
illi 1.3.2
Set Snail
illi is a polished one button platform puzzler. As the creatureilli, you jump your way through a strange world where gravityfollows you! Things you take for granted in your world is differenthere. illi travels through portals and enters barren worlds whereshe gathers light crystals that remain. The creature illi can bendthe fabrics of the world and make gravity-defying jumps. Each newunique world introduces new mechanics, traps and obstacles, whichwill make each world a bigger and more difficult task than thelast.- Brain-melting arcade-puzzle-platformer.- Play as the fluffy,slug-goatish creature, illi.- Travel through a beautiful,surrealistic universe.- Take on 60 gravity defying levels!- Over170 quests to be completed.From us at Set Snail, we hope you enjoythe game.
Snake Towers 1.2
Set Snail
On top of the tallest towers in the universe lives a snake likecreature. Endlessly wandering around, looking for shiny objects andupgrades, in order to prolong his short existence. Slither fromtower to tower looking for gold pieces that make your tail grow.Find rare gems and upgrades to help you on your journey. But bewareof the cursed towers, they will challenge you with reversedcontrols or shaking grounds, just to name a few.Game features- Easyto learn- Explore endless towers and learn as you go- Unlock skinsfor your Snake, that you can mix together as you please- 200+different rooms, such as: Puzzle rooms, upgrade rooms and cursedrooms!
Set Snail
An old Japanese saying goes like this — ”The weak are meat;thestrong eat”. In Oddman you must fight the intruders and try nottofall into the abyss!★ Fast and endless gameplay!★ Thrillingbossfights!★ Collect fighters and play as your favourite!★ Colorfulandunique graphics!★ Local multiplayer mode with up to 4players!Canyou fight your way to become the ultimative Oddman?