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Guess The Song - Music Quiz 3.6.4
S Quiz It!
The music game with simple rules and instant fun. Choose yourfavorite music genre and guess the song or artist as fast as youcan. Let this music game to inspire you. Extend your musicknowledge ♥ A great variety of latest and greatest hit songs ♥ 50diverse categories from popular to niche genres ♥ A few thousandsongs Social features ♥ Compete with your Facebook friends ♥ 2Players Mode to fight a battle on one device ♥ Diverse leaderboardsAddictive gameplay ♥ 5 Levels, each crammed full of songs ♥Complete the challenge and get your rewards ♥ Collect allachievements ♥ Enjoy guessing, learn new trivia Check if you canname the tune as fast as a real music maniac. Download for free andenjoy this trivia quiz game with your friends and family. Discovernew songs, artists and music genres in the song quiz: - The LatestHot Hits - Decades - 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and 2000s - TimelessRock Hits, Hard Rock List, Heavy Metal - Rap, R&B, Hip - Hop -Country and Gospel Music - Love Songs, One Hit Wonders, FemaleSingers - Movie Themes and Musicals - Latin Songs - K-pop, EDM& Dubstep, Alternative, Funk - Special categories, such asSummer Hits, Christmas Songs and Carols, Teen Choice and manyothers, updated regularly Enjoy playing our guessing trivia gameand listening to your favorite music at the same time.
4 Pics 1 City 2.7.6
S Quiz It!
Who doesn't like visiting famous cities? Play 4 Pics 1 City andguess the most popular places in the world! Beautiful pictures,easy to play and so educational! A lot of geography triviainside!Look at four pictures and guess what's the city!Beautifulpictures, famous places and people, national culture symbols.There’s so much to learn and discover!♥♥♥ 50 unique puzzles withcities of the world! ♥♥♥Guess whats the city with your friendsasking them on Facebook or Twitter. There’s only one photo quizlike that. Quiz, learn and have a fun!
Geography Quiz - City Puzzle 1.0.20
S Quiz It!
Guess the country, capital or the city from the puzzle photo! It'sa world geography quiz! City Break Quiz – Geography Game is atrivia puzzle game for people who love travel beautiful places ofthe world! It contains over 300 beautiful photos of famous placesall over the world - countries, capitals, nature and world wonders.Perfect game for kids!Additional information about each place! Quizand learn – there is a lot of geography trivia!How many details doyou need to recognize the place? Tap the screen to uncover part ofa picture. If you’re lucky you can see famous building, a nationalflag or popular logo and guess the place by first chance! If youlike travelling, geography and like play national flags triviagames this quiz is a game for you!How to play?1. Tap the screen touncover part of a photo.2. If you still don’t recognize the placetap once again – each time you’ll be given next square of aphoto.3. Guess the city!4. The less photo squares you uncover themore points you win.Is a small piece of a photo enough to recognizethe place? Guess the city and score points! The less photo squaresyou uncover the more points you win.Learn about most popular placesin the world by playing the quiz. Have you visited them all?Compareyour score with friends. Play and be the best!Download for free.
Guess The Word 2.7.2
S Quiz It!
Guess The Word - everyone ♥ it! Look at four pictures and guesswhat's the word in common! ♥♥♥ Guess The Word ♥♥♥ is a phenomenon!Phone and tablet app!--- UNIQUE AND CHALLENGING PUZZELS ---Sosimple, so addictive, so much fun! Be careful! Some puzzles aretricky! Can you unlock all levels? Accept the challenge – fourpictures and only one word.Guess what’s the word with your friendsasking them on Facebook or Twitter. There’s only one photo quizlike that!EXAMPLES What a bunny and a sheep may have in common?They’re fluffy!What about grass and a frog? What’s the word? Green!The rain and a lake? Water! Keep guessing and use your brain whenpuzzles become tricky. Don’t use cheats ;) Use your brain! SOPRETTY Enjoy nice graphics and beautiful high quality photos.Play agame in popular style and tell me - what’s the word?
4 Products 1 Brand Quiz
S Quiz It!
Guess the brand basing on pictures of 4products under 1 brand!New and innovative game in popular style! Look at 4 picturesthat have one thing in common – a company name. Can you guess theword? Easy and addictive.Features:★ 8 categoriesFood Quiz, , Fashion & Beauty Quiz, Kids, Web, Car Quiz, Sport,Fun, Electronic★ Full of trivia – learn about brands!★ True or False Mode - double your points!★ Interesting hints to help you★Ask your friend on Facebook★ Over 300 puzzles4 Pics 1 Brand is a must for logo quiz and other guessing triviagames lovers. Full on unique puzzles and riddles is a real brainteaser!Look at the picture and guess the right word!
Which Is Bigger? 1.0.13
S Quiz It!
Bigger, smaller? Higher, lower? Sooner, later?Let’s play the quizand have an instant fun! You just have to decidewhich option iscorrect. Simple game, interesting trivia, surprisinganswers.Guesswhich celebrity is higher and what animal is faster! Who diedlater?Who was richer?◆ BUILD YOUR KNOWLADGELearn by playing thiseducational quiz.Great variety of trivia: Geography, History,Science, Pop Culture,Movies, Music, Brand and Logo, Entertainment,Fashion, Food and Drink,Cars ect.◆ SINGLE OR WITH FRIENDS?Playsingle and double match on one phone or challenge the otherplayers.◆ PLANTY OF QUESTIONSSometimes easy, sometimes tricky andchallenging.◆ TRAIN YOUR BRAINIt is more than an IQ Test. It is atest of your general knowledge.◆ HIGHLY ADDICTIVEComplete all gamelevels! So easy to start so hard to stop playing.
Quiz Them All – Social Trivia
S Quiz It!
Here you have a trivia game for real socialbeings! You may of course have an online contest… but have you evertried playing real time against more than one friend? Or even 99 ofthem?In this game everything is happening in real time. You may join anyaccessible category room to meet your opponents from all over theworld and quiz them out of there!Wanna play with your friends? Just tell them to jump into the sameroom as you are in … and enjoy competing in a real-time battle tocrack your rivals.What can you expect?- unusual categories- unique and remarkable questions- an entertaining formula for improving your knowledge- rewards for your accomplishments- diverse leaderboards for you and your country- high level of competitionAre you a real trivia maniac? Check whether you are as good as youthink.Quiz yourself in. And then quiz them all.